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2Knife Sharpener Lansky Standard Knife Sharpening System LNLKC03 – it’s a whole different set of tools that will help put in order virtually any knife – up to give him a razor sharpness.

The set consists of several grindstones, guides them to the knife clamp and special oil bottles grindstones. Clip allows you to assign a knife for sharpening the blades at different angles. Three members of the set of grinding stones have handles of different colors, which indicate the degree of grit stone. In this set of three grinding stones – coarse, rough for straightening and sharpening, medium and fine. for grindstones Special oil helps to achieve better sharpening, and, in addition, it promotes less wear grindstone. Set neatly placed in a small plastic case.

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The complete set of Lansky LNLKC03 includes:

1. Coarse rough stone (120 Grit)
2. Stone Medium Medium (280 Grit)
3. Stone Fine small (600 Grit)

– Clip for fixation of the blade with the sharpening angle
– Plastic box
– 3 guide bars
– A special oil for sharpening
17 ° – angle suitable for razor blades, scalpels and other sharp instruments but thin edge.
20 ° – The most common angle for the majority of high quality blades and is perfect for the kitchen, loins knives.
25 ° – recommended for knives that need long-term use without additional sharpening. Ideal for hunting and tourist knives.
30 ° – Wide angle for the blades, which are used extensively for cutting cardboard, wire, which are subjected to high loads

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